Blender Evolving

Hello to everyone,
I have been working very hard to get a grip on Blender. I’ve visited many web sites and have downloaded a lot of material. I even bought Blender Essentials and read the book.
During this great adventure I’ve discovered that all the information that I have encountered thus far, was produced for Blender version 2.46 and earlier. Therefore, some of the functions used in the material I studied, is no longer valid with version 2.47
I’m having a particularily hard time with materials. In other applications, a cube, for instance, is easy to texture. You can either do the whole thing in one color or select another mode that allows you to paint each cube face, differently. Blender has no such convenience and I’m finding that painting a simple cube in two different colors, is quiet a chore!
Just thought . . .
A tired brain. :spin:

Hello, it’s actually blender 2.45 that your materials are for (well, 2.44, but 2.45 is almost 2.44). Are you talking about making on face of the cube red, with another blue. That’s easy to do, select a face, and make another material for that face. It’s actually detailed quite well in the first chapter of Introducing Character Animation in Blender. (You can get the first chapter off of the sybex page). Also, this is the wrong forum to post help requests.

Sometimes Blender will tire your brain. However, I will say that when the light goes on, more often than not, my thought is, “why didn’t I think of it that way?”

This link has a tutorial on multiple materials. The biggest idea is that some faces will have a different material index. The change in index is the key to using a different material for the different faces. This area of the program hasn’t undergone a lot of revision, so I don’t think the 2.45 vs. 2.47 should matter too much.


Also take a look at and to see different ways of painting your materials.