blender exclusive features?

just thinking, how would we sell(promote) blender better to those who are unknown and would like to do 3d modeling. i’ll start off with keyboard friendly. you see, i always want to show how awsome blender is to people, but i just ended up showing pictures from the blender website, so is there acctually any speacial features in blender, because i think blender deserves more than this, any just showing pictures are not really convincing to people.
my main purpose is to convince the technicians to install blender to the school system instead of having solid works, so please help me out

but diude solid works is totaly diffrent program maded for totalty diffrent stuff and you can’t make stuff in blender like in solid works and in solid works you can’t do stuff like in blender.

You can’t actually replace SolidWorks with Blender. As Kramon said, they are two different software built for different purposes and Blender is not a CAD software.

There is nothing that says you can’t use them both though.

… then how should i convince the people to install blender?

Try with “It runs directly from the folder, no need to install it, just unzip and run it alongside SolidWorks”

I don’t really get why you need Blender on the school computers though. What is it you want to do that requires Blender?

For me, I do these to promote Blender.

Big statement in the beginning

“in 30 minutes, I’ll download (make sure you have good internet connection, else just prepare a flash drive), install (if needed), model an aircraft (or any thing simple but not simpler), pose it (if needed), render and enhance it in post process”

And do all the steps, just make sure you can stay within the time limit (practice, practice, walk the talk). I did just these to impress quite a number of people already. The last one I did was a car drifting between 2 cars with a rough cliff road as background. They were totally hooked.

Here are some catch phrases for the website:

The learning curve is no longer steep. The brand new blender interface offers a number of changes to 2.4 that dramatically increase the ease of adoption.

-Blender comes with keyboard presets for the majority of mainstream 3d applications. We even have pie menus. Yes that’s right, Maya users. PIE!

-Optionally say goodbye to being lost in intimidating menus within menus! Blender comes with a spacebar launcher that can guess what you want even before you finish typing it! Dont know the shortcut for that command? Spacebar will remind you.

-Tablet friendly mouse design for the artists, powerful keyboard design for the experts! It’s all in the bag.

Dynamic topology like sculptris, featured for the first time in a complete modelling package! If it’s cool, we get it implemented!

The power of an (almost) entire production pipeline, in under 80 mb, can run from a usb stick, a smartphone and even a toaster!

Open and friendly community, where the developers actually fix bugs within days from the day they are filed at the bug tracker. Check this graph for more information…

Have an idea or a problem? We listen to you. Our developers are highly sociable too :wink:

Actually a highly competitive alternative to some of the expensive shareware out there. And not only in price. Some of blender’s tools can save you tons of time!

Have 5 grand to spend? Buy a new car, rent a fancy flat and get yourself a blender. If you really like spending, why not fund a feature that you like to see in blender? Everyone wins! It’s open source.

Our funding goes to DEVELOPMENT. Your donations will directly contribute to the tools you use. This is one of the reasons blender doesn’t have fancy marketing campaigns.

No contracts involved, no ties, no catch. Free to use, open to develop. Join the fun!

And YES, it blends!

take that, Autodesk! :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I hope the website has some tongue and cheek humor. If you look at apple’s ads, or even down to the indie humble bundle- humor really helps spread the word. People love sharing links to funny shit.

The “catch” is that it isn’t as feature-complete or as well supported as the stuff autodesk makes. Look at any vfx reel from any big budget film where many artists have had to work together (Please… don’t quote Tears of Steel… just don’t…). Go to 1:21. Do THAT in blender.

The major fx and animation houses aren’t just idiots who don’t know the amazingness of blender!!! There’s a damn good reason they don’t use it for very serious work.

EDIT: Okay that being said, there’s a reason I’m here, and it’s because I use blender, and I love it. But please… let’s not elevate it to this heavenly status that is clearly isn’t.

Yeah obviously. :slight_smile: Sorry maybe that one went too far hehe

Don’t forget to provide a toaster :wink:

Actually, on paper Blender offers much more features than any other 3D package, there is a catch however…Most of the high end features (fluids, particles, sculpting, compositing, render engine) are unfinished or abandoned by original developers. The positive thing is that new developers tend to come and go and some of them find interest in such features and with each iteration of this Blender matures more. Some of them are developed by employees of BF (cycles for example) and they are gaining features regularly. I wouldn’t depend on solely Blender for a feature film, but it powerful addition to any other package and its being used as such (numerous sightings).

One feature I suppose that can be considered “exclusive” is the UV unwrapping algorithm blender uses. No other app I know of has it, and blender’s is flat out awesome.

Maya can use a version of it called “roadkill”, but it’s implementation is flaky and it uses a very old version of that code. The code in Blender is newer, works better, and as far as I know, no one else has it.

Since roadkill UV is based on Blender’s code, its not really exclusive anymore. Roadkill isnt just a plugin though, its also a stand alone UV program. I use it all the time over Blender’s UV system because I think the control scheme stinks in Blender. The plug in works well as well in Maya, though when I did use it as a plug in, its usually alongside Maya’s default UV system which is nice if you know how to make it work. Maya’s default UV system is like a broken feature that Autodesk has never really fixed, so if you know what gets you bad results and know some tricks to make it act normal, it becomes a great unwrapper. I like that its controls are consistent with the 3d viewport controls.

Anwyays going off on a tangent there… Blender’s appeal in my opinion comes from how its developed and the rate at which it is developed, this alongside the fact you dont have to deal with limited use via licensing.

I also tried doing this with a small group of 10 year olds. I proposed to do a walking figure in 10 minutes, which meant modeling a fairly appealing fatty-puffy subD-d figure, autoweighting it to a primitive armature, and making the legs move via rotation. It looked a bit silly, but the kids were all in after that. Now I gotta follow up with their questions regarding Blender. I do it with pleasure though. Bring in the Youngbloods, and make sure you tell them, that nice stuff need a LOT of time to produce. They’ll accept that.


You either need to show that implementing blender will solve an unmet need (i.e. what does the school need to do now that your existing software applications cant do).

or…you need to show that Blender can do things better/faster/cheaper than existing software solutions - and with minimal impact on existing productivity.

From your OP and subsequent posts though - it does sound a lot like your desire to see Blender installed is driven more from personal prefference/bias than to meet a specific unmet need.

here is an example

Blender 3D is OpenSource, that is, you are part of Blender. You are Blender 3D.

When it comes to schools, thats easy: Its free, schools are always underfunded.

I think some of you guys have to remember that we are supposed to SELL the idea that blender is better in ways. To a point where professionals who already have e maya license get curious enough to have a go- make em curious. It has to compete in features and not price.
Everyone pirates maya. It’s very easy to get it- I know for a fact that lots of freelancers still pirate the thing. So saying that people should use blender because it’s $free is not a great way to promote it. It reinforces the idea that it is a lesser tool and therefore a waste of time to invest in.

Yes, we shouldn’t lie about stuff, but we dont have to necessarily talk about what it’s shortcomings are compared to other software. Yes It does have them, and yeah even I can start listing reasons why maya is still better. But Blender is still the underdog and having it criticize itself on it’s own website is just silly… wouldn’t you agree?

This topic is not about why the expensive software is better and why big studios are not idiots. It’s about what blender has that is fundamentally unique and sets it apart in a good way.

I say stop being humble and allow it to shine. :smiley:

Saying that I can add something in terms of Blender vs maya example. Now Maya is a very advanced package with amazing features. But some of it’s pipeline bits have holes that need to be filled with expensive proprietary plugins to be made nicer. Blender does some of the stuff with less effort and complexity- without the need for an extra plugin or the need to buy another autodesk product to export to. To me personally it’s really a matter of convenience when using it instead of say maya for a task. Say I need to model characters, uv unwrap and texture them…hell even bake some normal maps.
Blender has nicer tools for that than autodesk. Not as advanced, but definitely more convenient. I still have to export it to frigging maya for rigging and animation (+ my university uses maya for assignments). Students get access to the autodesk stuff but never really own the right to make profit with it. Thats the magical circle that keeps them on top of everyone else- they have education by the balls. Do universities teach modo or c4d? I dont think so :smiley: So try to break this vicious cycle.

Convince people that it is worth learning blender. That it can be beneficial to their pipeline.
And Uv unwrapping still kind of sucks in maya- plugin or no plugin.

The cost benefit was covered in my second point. Just because something is free - doesn’t mean it fulfils an unmet need.