Blender.exe Error

I have a problem with my blender when ever i open it i get a error box that says

Blender.exe - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point av_bprint_chars could not be located in the dynamic link library avutil-51.dll.

this happens all the time i have tried re installing it around 4 or 5 times it works the 1st time but when i close it and go to come back on it this error shows up all the time.

any one have any idea how i could fix this problem?
also using the latest blender

Now it seems that when i even re install blender it comes up with this error. any one have a idea on how to fix this?

There seems to be two directions for this error in google…either you have a malware problem, or if you are using something like FFmpeg or another such problem, the drivers are out of date.

So, I guess have a scan of your computer, ensure all drivers / virus scanners are up to date, and try again…

just did a scan with Malwarebytes it found 2 things after i restarted i can open blender now but i don’t no if that just because i restarted my laptop but ill use it for a big and see it i get the error when using it. ill post back later if it working or not but thaks phoenix in advanced

no the problem is still there after about 1 hour of using blender the problem came back. what problems are like Ff mpeg becuase i do no have this program installed and i do not believe that i have any program like this