Blender exit

I have used Blender since 4 years now and the new release 2.4 is outstanding.
Lots of good improvements and “working” features.
Howeve one thing still bothers me, it is the exit mechanism.
One can exit Blender by going to the menu and choosing ‘quit’ which makes sens and most of the time avoid mistakingly to lose the current work. But the exit by cliking on the ‘x’ on the right top of the window should be monitored or regulated. On Linux I have many times exited a session instead of minimizing the window and that did result in some loss of data.
It would be great to monitor that exit and place a stop to allow not to exit unless it is ok.
Just to mention

I`m totaly with you!
Exactly the same happens now and then to me. Its realy a Pain in the As!!!

I also wish there was a prompt asking to save the file before closing. Many times I have lost work because I had forgotten to save before exiting. :-? I know it’s operator error but it wouldn’t take too much code to make the interface more user friendly-- Just have a dialog appear when exiting if the file’s changes haven’t been saved yet. Every other program I use has this feature, & in my opinion this is a really long overdue Blender feature…

Absolutely. I seem to remember this coming up sometime a while ago, and I can’t remember whether it was due to technical issues or simply to retaining the streamlined workflow of Blender, but it was rejected.
However, I feel this feature’s inclusion would greatly help everyone, especially those who end up punching themselves after losing their work! Now, excuse me, I’m off to put an ice-pack on this black eye…

Although I’m still fairly new to Blender, I thought it was kind of strange that you can exit without a save prompt popping up. I’m sure there’s a logical reason for not having it, but isn’t that one of the most basic things to program?

You can rename the ‘filename.blend1’ to ‘filename.blend’ and get the work from the most recent autosave. You can change how often the work is saved and how many saves ago are kept, in the User Preferences.

I do know that this is not as good as a Prompt Box, but if you are doing something you want to save, you should probably save the file as soon as you begin working on it. The worst that could happen is that you have to go back and manually delete the file, but thats better than losing your work right?

I think the reason it hasn’t been added is because we have the autosave and multiple files feature, however I have not seen it on any list of any features for new releases.

Also, when you quit, a file quit.blend is saved (by default under \ mp). But I only realised this a month or so ago!

Blender always saves a file called quit.blend. Make sure the temp directory is set in the User Preferences.

I know this is essentially repeating xarton’s post, but it is worth repeating until y’all catch on.

I understand and agree on every thing that is said… But!
I would like to have your attention, you the people at the developement, about the uper right corner on top of the window. That exit should be monitored or managed because I use to minimize the window to check on the ray tracer or else and, dumb me, I click on the X and lose eveything…
Ok I read now about the temp file and auto save, but that is a recovery option and not a fail safe avoingin to be kicked out of a session…
Anyway it is not the end of the world…
Other things to deal with…:-))

This has been hashed and rehashed endlessly…

My repeated stance (from a UI design POV) is that, since it is a polarizing issue, there should be an option to ask or just quit. The option should be ask by default.

This makes blender conform to that which a user expects and at the same time allows people like me turn the abnoxious thing off.

/soapbox away