Blender Expert Required For Walkthrough Project


I am looking for a blender expect who can create a comprehensive 3D walkthrough for me. This may also lead to other projects.

I need to get this done quite urgently so it would require the person to already have some experience in doing a project like this - of course i would not expect the commitment to be free of charge.

If anyone is interested could you please e-mail me at :

[email protected]

Also can if you could submit any examples of work done previously / experience if possible would be very useful to me.


Daniel :smiley:

Hey, I’m not an expert and I could probably help you out, but I think you would get your best candidate in another forum. Hopefully the admin will change it for you. If you want an interactive “game” type of walkthrough, I recommend the real time forums and if you’re just looking for a “movie” type of walkthrough, people in the animation forums should be able to help. Post what you’re looking for and, like I said, the admin will probably move this topic for you. Good luck with the project.

thanks for your help.

Have you done any walkthroughs yourself? I just need to be able to choose which direction to walk and where to walk and then for events to happen when i approach them ie bath starts running.

I’ve had very little experience with the real time engine to be honest, but some people in the real time forums are brilliant. I have to go right now, but I’ll cook up something tonight if you can’t find anybody better. Hopefully an admin will move this so you’ll get your best deal.