Blender Explosion

Here is an explosion test I made for an up coming FX shot I am working on. Please let me know what you think. The real version is much higher res. I will post it here when the final shot is complete.


This is a higher resolution version with a little more punch.

(NEW) As promised, here is the link to the .blend. Enjoy (New)

M. Lightning

That looks great! My only question is to how you managed to get the smoke to be all fire and bright but then go to being wispy and smoky.

great explosion

Nice explosion! I have a friend that says he wants to use it as stock footage(he’s sitting right next to me) and he wants to know if he has to credit you.

Thank you all. The Resolution was 120 with high resolution smoke set to a resolution of 5 and a strength of 4.

(DethRaid) The amount of smoke is controlled by the mask layer that is created after the color texture. It is then multiplied by the color channel to make a bit of the smoke remain. (See image.)

Looking good. What was baking time? What cpu? I tried to do something like that some time ago, based on some yt image tutorial, but It looked very blob like. Would be cool if you shared your blend so to compare setting.

Thank you. I am not certain of the back time because I set it to bake, then went to bed. I believe it was only 1.5-2 hrs. I have Dual Intel Quad Xeon 2.8Ghz processors. They do a nice job.

I will post the .blend soon.

Here is a link to another test:

Here is the link to download the .blend for this explosion.