Blender Export-Import for Animation and Rig Workflow

I’m having some trouble finding a good work flow that can export animations and rig to unity with out any distortions. But even after exporting, importing back into blender has same issues. I think my only available options is .fbx of .dae which unity supports.

I am trying to use rigify rig for animation and I made another rig with correct armature hierarcy and removed some unnessery bones. I am using this rig as a median and bake animations onto it. So I can solve some problems with export, it solves some and bring some new ones too.

When i use export only deform bones with rigify without a median.
-Dae gets bone hierarcy wrong and slipts parts of the rig into different pieces with different rotation and location during animation. But exports all the key frames.
-Fbx adds extra bones (like mch or org) and bone sizes and sometime locations are wrong. Hierarcy could be okay without added bones (maybe?), but animations works correct.

By adding a median rig.
-Dae works alright but doesn’t export all key frames for animations.
-Fbx is works as usual animations works but deforms rig to some extend.

Does any one has a good work flow, a tool or something else to work with unity reliably?

I guess best option is using somewhat clean .blend files directly. Even if it is advised to not use them, they work like a charm…