Blender Export Ogre Scene

Hello together,

actually i’m trying to export an ogre .scene-file out of Blender 2.49b with the OgreSceneExporter. Just to export the complete content is not very difficult. But i want to export only a special part of my model to the .scene-file.
Here is a small example of my problem:
I’ve modeled some buildings. Each building is placed in a single Layer (Building A in layer A. Building B in layer B and so on). Now i only want to export the building in layer A to a .scene-file.
Only marking the meshes in this layer and calling the exporter doesn’t work. Anyhow blender exports the .scene-file of the complete model of all buildings.
Does someone know a way how i could export only the content of a single layer in a .scene-file?
Thank you for your answers.



Append your building in a new empty file ( or delete the other ones in the original file)?!