Blender export paper mode

I need help, I don’t know what is the reason that the paper model doesn’t look correct and all the work is disconnected.
The 3d file was imported to the blender in fbx format.
How to solve this problem?

Hi Yulia, it’s hard to understand what we are looking at and your problem. Could you describe what this is, what you’re trying to achieve and issue you’re facing in detail?

This is a penguin wing, I modeled it in 3D max, and after that I imported the fbx file into a blender to get a paper 3D model.
But the export paper model did not work correctly with respect to the wing of the penguin.
On models created directly in the blender, the export paper model works correctly.

Allright, I think you’re using this Export Paper Model addon:

I don’t have any experience with this addon but I read briefly.
Those red edges displayed are marked as seam and blue edges are marked as sharp. Try to select all edges in edit mode and hit Ctrl+E > Clear Seam and Clear Sharp. Then try exporting again, this will produce an island that is connected. Is that what you’re looking for?

Yes, this is what should work out, but it doesn’t work out for me, I can’t understand what is the reason.
Perhaps you will understand help me please
I am attaching a file with an element.
I have a blender 2.8

Yuliia, thanks for the .blend file. I’ll try and fix the script.

To export the model now, you can use Object -> Apply -> All Transforms. Then use Clear Seam, as fibilis suggested, and it will export fine.

Fibilis, thanks for linking the thread.


There are issues on your model. Here are what I did to fix them: крыло_edited.blend (637.2 KB)

1- There is a gap in the upper part of mesh, i filled it.
2- You need to apply scale of your model. In object mode hit Ctrl+A > Appy Rotation & Scale
3- You need to triangulate mesh. In edit mode select all faces and hit Ctrl+T

Then it produces below result:

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Thank you for help!!!
Now I will try to do this with the rest of the penguin.

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Thanks, everything works, just super !!!

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maybe you know how to make the scan match the actual size?
for example: in the program, the wing is 20 cm (how to make it on a paper 3D model it would also be 20 cm)?

@emu would know better as he is the creator of the addon.

If rough estimation is fine for you, I can suggest to resize the exported pdf at Photoshop (or similar software) with the help of ruler tool.

You can set Scale to 1:1 just before saving the file. However, it may fail if the net is larger than the page. If it fails, you can try and mark some Seams by hand to make the net smaller.

It should work better but the UI is not complete in 2.80. I’ll fix it for 2.81.

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That will be GREAT to have an update! For the islands being to large on a scale of 1:1 I used to just set my paper size to be large enough…then used Inkscape to rearrange the .SVG to fit printer size sheets, with out scaling anything outside of Blender.

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