Blender Export problem

So, I made this logo which consists of multiple components. I Exported it as .3ds then tried importing it back into blender to check if it worked. Three of the components were missing. I tried joining all of them, then exporting, this time nothing appeared. I think that these components might be corrupted. But, I don’t know, I’m quite new to this software. Any Suggestions?

Supply a link to your blend file and any exported .3ds file.

Is there a particular reason why you are using such a limited file format as .3ds ? Have you tried other formats such as .obj

Yea, actually I intend to export this file to Photoshop as .3ds, convert it into .psd then import it into After Effects.
But will using .obj solve my problem?

But will using .obj solve my problem?

Since you still haven’t supplied any file, who knows ?

Ok, honestly, I’m a newbie, so not really good at this. But, here it is.

This tells me nothing.

The actual .blend file and .3ds file are needed so someone can actually open the files and see them just as you can see them.
Blend files you can upload to and just tell us the download link after the upload has finished or just share fiels on dropbox, google drive, MS onedrive etc
Is this fine?

File not found, did you share you file or made it public ? Use the link I gave you previously

Ok, I made it public. Sorry, for the huge amount of time I’m taking for something so damn trivial.

Btw, if u get it this time, can u also tell me how to export the texture? (Made it using Cycles Render)

Let me guess: Text.002, Text.003 and BezierCurve were missing on export?
One of the very many shortcomings of the .3ds format is that the number of vertices and polygons (= triangles) per mesh object is limited to 65536. Those three objects exceed that, some of them by far.

Even after delete around 11k double verts and 2k faces Meshlab says the same Ikari stated:

Use .obj export.

Yea, those three were missing. So what should I do now? Wait, that’s only in the case of .3ds right? Which format would export this file properly and also will be accepted by photoshop?

Supported files
Look at the bottom of the list

Thnx Dude.