Blender Export scripts

There is a nice wiki “Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Advanced Tutorials/Python Scripting/Export scripts” for making a script. However I think it is incomplete or out of date for 2.5+. Basically I need to know how to trigger blender to reload/update my scrips? In the wiki it says to “go back into the scripts window, and in its menu, click Scripts → Update Menus” well it never had me go to a scrips window in the first place, it had me go to a text editor and in the second place there is no “Scripts → Update Menus” any ware i can find. :confused:

So my question is; how to trigger blender to reload/update the scrips I have added or changed?

clicked on FILE
then ADD-ONS
created a test file called “”


Name: ‘OpenGL’
Blender: 259
Group: ‘Export’
Tooltip: ‘OpenGL sample exporter’
import Blender
import bpy

def write(filename):
out = open(filename, “w”)
for ob in sce.objects:
out.write(ob.type + ": " + + "

Blender.Window.FileSelector(write, “Export”)

I installed the file but does not show up. I see it coped it to .blender/2.58/scripts/addons/

Thanks for your help.

If you want to convert a script to an addon

Do you know if that is how you are supposed to make import export scrips in 2.5x? And thanks for the reply.