Blender export > Sculptiris = Weird see through geometry?

I just made a wolf base mesh in Blender, and for some reason when I export it into Sculptris I get this:

The mesh is see through, however in blender it looks like this:

The settings I used for export are these:
Forward: -Z Forward
Up: Y Up
Selection Only
Apply Modifiers
Include Edges
Write Normals
Include UV’s
Write Materials
Triangulate Faces
Objects as OBJ Objects
Keep Vertex Order
Scale: 1.00
Path Mod: Auto

Am I using the wrong settings or is this something else?

Look closely at the mesh color in Blender: That’s a darker shade of grey than usual.
And that means that the normals of that mesh are flipped. Or in other words: the mesh is quite literally turned inside out.

Select the mesh in Blender, Tab into Edit mode, hit A to select all and then Ctrl+N to recalculate the normals. If that doesn’t change anything, you will most likely have modelling errors that prevent Blender from correctly determining the inside and outside. Impossible to troubleshoot those from a screenshot.

I hit Ctrl+N in Edit Mode and it didn’t change anything, but I managed to solve the issue with it being inside out by clicking on “Make Manifold” using the 3d Printing addon I had. Thanks for responding though.

The mesh not being manifold is exactly the kind of modelling error I was talking about… It’s good to hear that you got it sorted out.