blender export to 3ds max... material problem

Hi, I need to get a blender 2.63 scene into 3ds max 2012. For some reason the export to 3ds max will not work properly. Blender creates the file, but max 2012 doesn’t see it. So instead I have exported to FBX and the scene comes into 3ds max properly… however…

In blender I have a number of objects in the scene that have different materials applied to the same object. Of course in blender the materials were assigned to the specific faces. I even created vertex groups to represent the faces that have these multi materials applied.

But when trying to reapply the materials in max, I can’t select the specific vertex/material groups to apply the specific material to that section of the object. When I use the element selection, unfortunately it only selects the entire object and not individual vertex groups.

If anyone knows, is there a way to select these in vertex groups in max (that is if they were exported in the first place)? Is there something I could do in setting up the scene for FBX export in Blender to maintain my material /vertex group selections?

Thanks for any help you can offer.