Blender export to fbx - some meshes are translated

Hello everybody,

I just started to work with Blender and tried to recreate this pendle:

This worked well so far, however, I have problems with the export. If I export the pendulum as fbx file and import it into Blender, at least two balls are in the same place. In the image below there is one spehre missing next to the right sphere in the row.

Can someone help me and tell me how I can fix the error?

Blender File:
pendel.blend (5.72 MB)

Thank you!


Why can’t anyone help me?

I really need your help.

Or should I post this in the paid area?

no you posted this in the right place, and some times you may have to give it a day depending on the clarity, and difficulty of the problem.

in this case, there is a lot going on that ive never seen before, such as the empties above each ball that i cant select without selecting the ball, and the point of witch everything ball has been parented to. what is that point?

i suspect you used a tutorial for this.

i tried exporting and re-importing the balls into a new scene, and i got the same problem as you, however, interestingly it was the 3rd ball that messed up its location, not the 4th one as in your case.

Thank you for your answer finalbarrage. Yes, I used the youtube tutorial, but it seems to be private now. I don’t know why.

I tried to apply scale, rotation and location, but I got the message that I can’t apply it because of multiple objects. I found this hint (the answer with 22 likes) and created a single user copy for every ball. After that I could apply scale, rotation and location (i did it for the first ball), but then a circle appeared at the center and the pivot constraint changed the location. I don’t get the circle moved to the location of the ball. The pivot is easy to move.

I don’t know what I did wrong or if there is a mistake in the tutorial.

Here is the blender file wich I used to create the image above:
pendle_applied_scale_rotation_location.blend (5.98 MB)


I would be so gratefull for hints or a solution for my problem!

I would also pay a little donation :wink:

Finally I could solve the problem. I had to apply just scale&rotation (not location) and create a new animation.