Blender export ??

So I’ve got swift now and I wanna know if there is a way to export blender object into 3ds files, do I have to use a another program.

And every time I set textures to a 3d object it will be stretched how can I add it without stretching because it’s so ugly.

I don’t believe you can save 3ds from blender. You can however save in DXF format and then convert it to a different format.

There are a ton of tutorials that explain how to do that. Its much easier to read them, then for me to blunder around trying to explain it to you. It has to do with seting the texture properties to fit the object its aplied to.

Export Scripts and format converters:

Go here First- Lower half of page - converters
also here for Accutrans

I use the Wavefront obj exporter in conjunction with Accutrans to get almost any format I want. Very good combination.

  1. Place an extra empty near the object you want to texture.
  2. For the coordinates of the texture you are mapping, use “object” and type in the name of the empty you just made.

This will stop your textures from “stretching” on long thin objects, and makes fine tuning them easier (for me, anyway).

  1. Oh ya, if you want to animate the object, make sure you make it a parent of the empty to stop the texture from “moving around” and not staying in place.