Blender exporter for Renderman (Pixie)


I’ve coded a script for Blender to export scene to Pixie ( A Renderman compliant renderer).

Look here for more info:

Documentation is WIP.

I’d like to have your feedbacks.


How does this differ/improve on Mosaic?

He seems to support 246 particles (hair at least) so thats good. I can’t remember if Mosaic did that or not.

The problem with all these things is that you can’t easily say “I’ll just try this out”. You have to re-work all the materials in your scene to get it to work.

Hi Paul,
This wasn’t made to make better than Mosaic, I began to write it before Mosaic, it’s just different and I’m just publishing my work now.

Blender 2.46 particle system is supported (I’ve written the Python module for it), doc will come for that.


Impressive stuff cedricp. As soon as I get home I will check it up :slight_smile:

As always with Renderman, it’s difficult to make something that just export your existing scene w/o having to re-work it, and when you can, you’re rapidly limited. It’s with that in mind that I’ve coded b2p (see the pointcloud file generation, how to make it simple?).

One thing is sure, if you haven’t any experience with Renderman shading language, it will be hard for you to use this script.