Blender exporter to C++ header file.


I’m looking for an exporter for Blender. I want to export my model to a C++ header file.

I have found somes, but I need one that export vertices coordinates, normals and texture coordinate.

Do you know a python script to do that?

I’ll continue searching, and I will update my post if I find one.


Maybe the Obj exporter could do the job? It resides in

Just out of curiosity what do you need this data in the header for?

Thanks, but I don’t think so.

I’ve just install Blender 2.55 beta (I’ve been using Blender 2.49b) and I haven’t found a C/C++ header file exporter.

I need vertices coordinates, normals, texture coordinates and indices.

I just meant to have a look at that script because it exports these information. All you need to do is to change the file to write it out the way you want it to and in the type of file you want it to… I think indices are just the order in which they are placed in a OBJ file. Not too sure though. But anyway, what you require seems like pretty standard stuff to have in an exported file so have a look on the other ones then. What would be different about having it in a file that ends with *.h / *.cpp than having it in a file ending *.obj ? Exactly the same thing… Just tweak the script yo your needs.

You can export it to OBJ and then use