Blender EXR Photoshop Mulitpass compositing


I am maybe not even a semi-good Blender Artist. But in the light of new developments, I wanted to create my first tutorial on compositing Blender EXR passes in Photoshop.
We have just released Exr-IO 2 plugin for Photoshop (, with the full support for Cryptomatte, Mipmaps&Ripmaps and so on. I though it would be good to put it all togehter in 5 minutes.

Here is the VideoTutorial:

and i have supplemented the whole Scene, the rendered EXR and the composed PSD, so you can test and practice with it if you like.

As said, i am new, don’t laugh about some settings :slight_smile:

(One thing that remains is Cryptomatte. Exr-IO can now read and use all Cryptomatte masks in Photoshop - a new way how to edit the artworks. But i don’t get it in Blender.
Blender does not write Cryptomatte in the file data structure. It do CM calculations, but it spills it out as image pixeles. You can pipe it in the output channels, but exactly at that moment the whole Cryptomatte concept goes wrong - it produces image and not data. Cryptomatte passes are not only pixels, they need to be stored in a different way. Different from Arnold, Vray, Lightwave (and so on), loading Blender Cryptomatte channels in Exr-IO, in Fusion or in Nuke shows … nothing - at least nothing you can work with.)
I hope some of you professionals here have good connections to developers. One should just ask them to shift Crypomatte from image into data blocks and everything will work perfect (it is there, but on the wrong place :slight_smile:

thanks in advance!


Hi @Pi-gor ,
Very exciting news. Thank you for the new release and features.

I got a mini heartattack when I read this :exploding_head:

You’re very likely to get a response and discussion with developers if you create a topic at here (official forum for Blender devs):


*loading Blender Cryptomatte channels in Exr-IO, in Fusion or in Nuke shows…

I have no problem using Blender’s cryptomatte output in Fusion. All id names and layers are intact.

@Pi-gor I haven’t test yet but I believe this issue has been resolved now: Fix T64953: Add cryptomatte meta data to file output node.

Hi Filibis! Yes, now it is implemented correct, we can render EXR out of blender and load create Crytomattes in PS perfectly! I am right now making a tutorial :slight_smile:

best regards

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Hi! Thank you for your contribution.
How do you go about converting the Layers in Photoshop from Linear to sRGB?
Do you also use the OpenColorIO Plugin:

Best regards

Thank you for reaching out with your inquiry.

Unfortunately, what you’re looking to do is not possible in Photoshop. This limitation is one of the significant challenges that Adobe has yet to address.

In the context of OpenColorIO, it’s not particularly helpful for this issue. It compresses 32-bit images down to 16-bit, altering the values in the process. Essentially, you might as well use a 16-bit PNG, as that’s effectively what you end up with when using OCIO.

I regret having to share this disappointing news. Perhaps in the future, Photoshop will address this issue, once they’ve expanded beyond their current focus on red-eye filters and AI-driven features and toys.