Blender F1 Challenge News -- deadline extended...

For those of you who have not been keeping an eye on the Contest forum, the Blender F1 Challenge deadline has been extended 1 week to May 15. See the Contest forum and the Blender F1 Challenge thread for info.


haha dude, I,vee been modelling all week and didn’t study for all my exams this week just because I wanted to finish my scene…and now you extend it…pfff haha…damn

oh well…I guess it will let me more time to play with the texturing and effects…

[edit] Why not let it tomorow midnight? it would add up a bit of pressure to the modellers? no? ah c’mon, you know you want it! :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha or maybe not till may15…maybe till sunday…may15 is so far away…I mean…another full week is way too much I think…oh well I guess you take the last descision :D[/edit]

…and I found out about this like right after I finish my 30 hour render :frowning:
well maybe than I have time to do a motion blur render :stuck_out_tongue: (lets see 30*5 or so=150, hmm enough time maybe :stuck_out_tongue: )


I just finished my first exam and have an easy week ahead of me. I just might finish after all! :smiley: