Blender F1 challenge

alright, another f1 challenge wip lol,

well, i have just finished the sketches, and soon will post it after i scanned it, i think it idea is quite nice lol


i found a camera, so i took a picture of the sketch!

Advice for next time: no point starting a thread until you have something to post. No Offense.

yeah i know, lol, it it jsut felt like, either i start a wip threat now, or i never would sry about that::slight_smile:

however, sadly my scanner is briken :frowning: so no sketches, but i have some nice first renders!

alright, my design was inspired after a really nifty shark, its called green bay shark or soemthing, its a plankton eater, and it is the largest shark alive.

here is jsut the turbine casing, shark styled, i had fun with nurbs here :slight_smile: lol

then added the turnine blades, and some airflow directors,

a close up of the fan blades

a nifty little connector,

teh engine look so far ( without air flow grates)
first try at the seat, an enigne will be on either side of it, but first i want to finish one engine

well, tell me what u think:)

ps: does anyone know how to make really good looking chrome in blender? i tried to make it but it jsut doesnt look good:S

Engine looks great! But I have no idea where you are going with it… shark… a submarine F1? :slight_smile:

For the chrome,I assume you checked ?

Good luck!

oh, by shark i meant the idea, like, the seat is kinda shaped like a shark with its mouth open, then the engines are also a bit like a shark mouth,

sry for the confusion lol

hard to imagine an open cockpit submarine, lol, but nontheless it looks great so far

LOL, right I had forgotten about that part :stuck_out_tongue:

… jsut for the record, its not a submarine… its like, low flying race things…

hmm…maybe i should make it underwater!

interesting! I want to see where you are going with this. Looks like a manta ray

updated sketch, and now new images will be posted in like the 3rd post, so that its easier to see the progress::slight_smile:

I find it easier to follow progress with it spread out through the thread, that way you can tell when it was updated and such

hmmm, true say… that would also add liek time stamps nd all that jazz

alright, thanks for the input! ill spread it throughotu the threat:)

I think it looks pretty good so far. Are you intending a cartoon look for it?

im not quite sure what type of look,

right now im not sure if i should actually make it underwater like many had the impression, it sure would be different, and spice things up lol

well, i hadnt had time since my last post, and finished my entry in about 10 hrs before the deadline.

here is the finished work, im happy considering i had too little time to work on it,

(i know it could be way better:) and i hope i will find time to improve it, so if you have suggestions, please suggest:)