Blender fails to launch with error

I have an 10 year old laptop (going on 11) and have tried to install Blender 2.91.2 on it. It installs without error, but upon trying to launch Blender, it fails immediately and dumps an error file.

The laptop meets all the minimum requirements stated on the Blender website:
-CPU is Intel Core i5 CPU M 520
-CPU is dual-core, 2.4GHz
-It runs Windows 10, 64-bit
-4 GB of RAM
-Supports SSE 4.1

-It has a discrete GPU: “AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 Series” (not sure exactly which version)
-“2746 MB” of VRAM according to the AMD control center
-Supports OpenGL 3.3.

The only requirement it doesn’t meet is “less than 10 years old” (I bought it about 10 years, 8 months ago), but it was pretty high end when I bought it and meets all feature requirements.

Since I’m a new user, I can’t upload attachments, so I’ve uploaded the error dump to gofile:

If anyone can help, or even just take a look at the error file and tell me what went wrong, that would be much appreciated.

I have a 16 year old laptop, but the newest it can run is Blender like 2.5 or something. Here’s a page from Blender’s website where you can download any version of Blender ever released. I suggest downloading a few older versions & test opening them until one works.

I know this isn’t an ideal solution because you want the newest version, but it may get a version of Blender working on your PC. :smiley:

It appears to be related to you ATI driver file: atio6axx.dll.

There’s a thread over in the AMD forums where a C4D user was having crashes related to this file, and they said the solution was something about deleting additional atvidium.dll files. Take a look: