Blender FBX export wrong texture coords?

Hi folks,

any ideas why FBX exports of my models are broken?

Some models export correctly and i can view them, but some dont!?

They look ok in blender but not in my game / FBX Converter Viewer. Already tried all kinds of settings.


What type of materials are you trying to export
What texture coordinates are you using
What export settings
Please supply link to demo blend file for review

Type of material? Dont know, i am quite new to all this, just made some tutorials and with spheres etc i created an ugly looking man. i made birds etc and it works great, just using this smart uv unwrap function, export the uv layout, paint a little and it works nice in blender (but not in exported fxb file )

i use ascii export because the binary export brings even more problems


man.blend (1.26 MB)

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