Blender fbx exporter ?

Can you tell me where to sownload , i found a link in here but it sends me to a developer web where i need to register and stuff.

Thanx !

doesn’t it come with blender as standard?

yes it does, but oddly with 2.9 its not available in the export menu, even though it is in the scripts folder

ive had to reinstall 2.48 as well as a result in a nother folder to support fbx export when i play with xna

It’s not in 2.4.9a either.

I got second life (whoopee!)

Really? I’m so glad I build from source!

yea, its odd i wonder what the bug is or if anyone has reported it yet

if i knew how to build from source i would :stuck_out_tongue: currently i have so much on myplate my head spins, hopefully i can do that later, who knows once i start my c coding, as i understand its written in c++ i can do some of my own stuff and make it part of blender (would be way later down the road).

The bug is that there’s some HTML wrapping the script.

I believe it’s known and fixed, but you can fix it yourself by opening the in a text editor (in the .blender/scripts folder) and deleting the html at the top and bottom of the file…

(I know because I’m working on a clients’ windows box and had to fix to export!)

thank you, now i can delete 2.48 from my pc and run soley 2.49 and not have to worry about the python i write for each.

saved me some trouble thanxs

looking at it now…do i delete the whole html in the .py file? and start from this line…


FBX Export v0.1 by Campbell Barton (AKA Ideasman)