Blender FBX Support

Is anyone working on FBX import and export support for Blender? I think it would be helpful for those who don’t model in Blender (like me).

I model in C4D, and have to export it to Blender via 3DS for texturing, animation and rendering in it’s cel-shader (I’m a student and can’t afford the $300 Sketch and Toon module…)

Isn’t FBX a commercial format? I started looking into the format with the view to creating import/export but stopped when I realised it’s not an open format. I know a few apps support it but x3d would be a better option.

Isn’t FBX a commercial format?

Don’t know but apparently wings3d has it - as a plugin, though. And wings3d isn’t exactly commercial, so. I recall a thread about kaydara asking for interest in a blender/fbx exporter, but I don’t know if anything’s actually happening on that front.

Maybe I’m reading the site wrong but the SDK is on an “annual flat fee” basis, which I interpret as no-fee no-info so it would cost to add support to blender. Admittedly this appears to be a one-off cost but then what happens if the spec changes or, shades-of-GIF, they start to charge for any use of the format? X3D has none of these potential problems.

Edit: Then there’s the fact that Blender is open-source. Is the wings plug-in open-source?

A developer buys the SDK then writes the plugin. You don’t have to pay to use the plugin, and it can be released through the GPL.