Blender Feature Film "Kiribati"

Kiribati is an animated feature film by Ideas Fijas animation studio. Will be released in 2015, but you can see some images in the Web Site :eyebrowlift:

What would you do if you won the lottery the day you lose your freedom?


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Looks great, but should they really be hyping it two years before it’s finished?

That’s more or less what hollywood does.

I think they might be hyping it more so for this community (Blender, that is) than typical PR, since it is relevant to us and they seem to be posting “behind the scenes” stuff. I think they are hoping to gain some momentum and fanbase from the Blender community.

I will also reference Tube as an example of something similar. I have been following and anticipating it for a while, even though it is a long an tedious process (for obvious reasons), I am super excited for it to come out.

agree with B-Rae, also a good way to keep the team motivated is to have good feedback from the outside. =)

Yesterday we had our first animation review. On the big screen, of course:

Cool!!! congrats you wonderful argentinians… always ahead of us! =)

Good work!, will follow the production closely.

Premiering our new offices :smiley:

Assembling the new offices at La Punta!
Was hard, but worth it :slight_smile:

Its nice to see that the blender foundation isn’t the only one making actual video. Good luck and do not give up. The characters have style but they could have a little more detail I think.

Take a look to our new tool for linking assets!

Amazing project, I wish you good luck.

P.S. This asset management tool looks seriously hot! I can’t even imagine how it works. :slight_smile:

Awesome! That’s a great tool! Are you planning at all to release it at some point?

I have the same question about the asset management tools, will you release them to the Blender world at large?

Yes, it will be released in the future, currently is just an alpha version

Testing Multithread Branch, with 1, and 4 characters, really promising!

And testing Deformation Motion Blur in Cycles for the first time!

Amazing project, and what a beautiful place to work on, congratulations and good luck from Chile.

HOW in the hell are you guys doing deformation motion blur?? :slight_smile:

wow this is a really good project!! I wish you guys all the best! Cannot wait to see your movie!