Blender Feature Film: Torch

Feature Film development stats:

  1. Story: 0.1%
  2. Modeling: 0%
  3. Environments: 0%
  4. Voice Actors: 90%
  5. Animation: 0%
  6. Actors: 0%

This is a superhero feature film I’ve been meaning to do since watching “Iron Man (2008)”. I’ll be careful with treating my original superhero I made for this feature film.

More updates will arrive once I’ve built my new computer for this film.

(Post withdrawn by author.)

On next Monday, on the 5th August, I’ll be writing the screenplay for the first film before I’ll be doing the storyboarding for it in an open-source storyboard program called Storyboarder.

I’ll gladly show you all the animatic of several scenes before I finish the storyboarding for the animated film. I’ll showcase a total of 30 scenes of the animatic before I continue to finish this process of doing my animated full-length movie.

What do ya’ll say to that?

I’ll begin writing the first episode’s script after my birthday is over, where I’ve built my new machine to make this a reality.

Sorry for lack of updates, family came through along with the school graduation that I’m really proud of have finishing my three-year student of my school.

But, hopefully when I start writing the script for episode one, I’ll be keeping you guys up to date with the series (which has changed from a feature project to a web-series for time-wasting on waiting for people to join).

I’ll be modeling the characters and environments after scriptwriting is finished, before rigging and animating can begin.

That’s my update for today. Have a great week!

Now I am writing the script to the film. At the moment, I’m having a set goal of 15 pages for the script to this movie.

After the script’s finished, I’ll begin the storyboard of the animation’s animatic, and I intend on showing you guys 10 minutes of the animatic (not the full animatic, as that’ll spoil the whole movie).

I couldn’t wait for my birthday to come and be over, so I downloaded my scriptwriting program, Trelby, right away for the purpose of finish the script quicker.

I also plan on doing a second film once the animation of the first is finished, with the script to the second short film beginning in January 2022, three years from now. My hope is to create something that is interesting and enjoyable to watch, as this is a entertainment project I am doing (just in case you’re wondering).

That’s my update for you today. More will arrive as I write the script.

Just called out to a voice actor for the titular character. He wants to voice him, so I’ll call it a win-win for the most of selected voice actors to the short film “Torch”.

Only about one or two characters need to be voiced in the entire movie. That is why “90 percent” is done with the actor section.

I’ve finished writing the script to the short film. A mere 4-5 pages will it be. But, I do intend on making the actual film longer in terms of my chosen length for it.

Next step is the storyboarding. This’ll be fun to do in the pre-production stage.

I have decided to redo this as a commercial feature film project. The reason for this decision, was for me to quickly make a real-life film studio dedicated to make original superhero movies to the cinemas around the world.

It’ll be a live action CGI film made entirely in Blender 2.80, the version I’ll do for modeling, rigging and animation for the computer generated characters and models for the film. Live footage will be filmed on a digital camera, with filming to take place in hopefully 2025, after all the pre-production is finished on a green screen inside an acting room.

So, yeah. Big things happen as time goes on, right?

I had missed this thread, saw it now!

Wow, 2025! Really planning ahead, sounds like a really big project! :slight_smile: Look forward to read more about the progress.

A feature film with only one or two voiced characters? Color me intrigued!!

This is cancelled, actually. I’m just gonna have it up so to have some of my other progress shown, but even so…I don’t know if I’ll continue this previous project. It might be once I have a studio to pick it back up in progress.

I’m having a new project up soon, also a feature film but with more action driven than just storytelling with a few CGI characters.

You can see what project I’m gonna do on my profile’s bio, with Blender as the only program for it.

It’s just…a live CGI movie is just too much work for me with realistic textures and materials. It’s better off be a fully 3D CGI film than this.

Sorry for that.

No problem, I’ll keep my eyes out for the other project!