Blender Feature Videos

Feature videos are videos which each give a quick overview of an important feature (such as sculpting or simulations) in Blender (kind of like this). Currently there are no such videos for Blender, but they are coming soon!

Jonathan Williamson will be creating these videos. Francesco Siddi will publish them to the Blender Foundation YouTube channel, and Andrew Price will update the features page with the new videos.

The videos will illustrate Blender’s features clearly to people who do not know much about Blender and are thinking of using Blender. They will be approximately five minutes long, with voice over by Jonathan Williamson.

The feature videos will be completed within the next two weeks.

Are these going to replace the images in the features section of the site? Is there opportunity to Add more sections than the overarching onces that are currently in place?

I definitely think that adding videos to this section would greatly spruce up this area.

I don’t know. :slight_smile:

Jonathan’s a good choice. His videos are always well done.

Steve S

This is great news! This kind of videos is a great way to give an overall view of a software, like Z-Brush has been doing with their releases. Good luck to Jonathan with this work!

Cool. It’s really nice to see that Blender’s presentation is getting modernized. First with the new website, then the new UI team and now this :slight_smile:

Really great news.

excellent! There’s so much power in Blender that visitor’s to the main site will never see. This is a very welcome addition, and couldn’t ask for better people to implement it:)

Great idea guys. :smiley:

Even though I’ve been learning and using Blender since 2.5, I’ve only scratched the
surface, and these feature videos I’m sure will inspire me and a lot of others
to go deeper into Blender.

Thanks! :cool:

cg cookie usually makes one LONG video of all the new features in a release. Perhaps it would be worth considering making those videos like autodesk in small chunks - one short video per feature. And making them official- meaning at the blender website- a video to demonstrate a new feature rather than just a screenshot.

You can watch Blender’s Great Videos at

good idea
also I really liked those “new featuers” videos on blenderCookie, quite long time since I’ve seen last…

The videos will be short and split up into small chunks. And they will be official as well, right on the Blender website. I’m not sure if they will replace the screenshots but I think they might.

Also, the videos will not be made by CG Cookie, they will be made by Jonathan Williamson. Yes, Jonathan runs Blender Cookie, but the videos will not be associated with Blender Cookie (or CG Cookie). They will be official Blender videos.

Yes indeed!

long videos are good for teaching a process but they are not good as look ups or quick info about how to use a tool

short tool specific videos are much better at teaching the functionality of that tool.

Short videos like this will be great to discover Blender.

created in Blender

and see these are created in Blender and compositing and shadow with other software

@patricia3d are you sure you’re in the right thread? What are you talking about?

Great news !

In my opinion the right place for this those videos is the online manual (Wiki).
It’s very important to have a good management of the knowledge about Blender (categories, keywords, a good working search engine,…).
Else we have again snippets of knowledge distributed all over the planet and this does not help to learn Blender :wink:

Kind regards

My understanding is that these are feature videos, not tutorials. It is not so much about learning, as it is about a living demo of the state of the program on the website.

This is more for people who come to the site from another 3d suite, or from a non 3d background even, and want to know what kind of things you CAN do in Blender, not HOW to do in Blender.

That is my understanding at least.

OK, but they would be helpful on Wiki as well - for a quick overview.

Kind regards