Blender featured in Computer Graphics World Article

Blender topped the list of great CG freebies in a new article by Computer Graphics World! Here’s a link:

Ya, well, the greatest freebee of them all : these days people just refuse freedom.
And they quote the text at like most other people who ‘speak’ of Blender… well at least is it clearly and favourably written.
Likely they hardly cracked the program open, if even that much, but we’re ‘in’ and it is cool to mention Blender in good place.

Better than being whacked on the head… well, considerably better.

Thanks roofoo.


hey guys

talking about not realy using the software, some of the CG books out there are quite often not written by CG cracks. i bought when i was a noob some of these books.


If this trend continues, there should be articles about blender soon, not just mentions! :slight_smile:

Something I always wondered… I mean : I’ve known quite a few masters of their particular art but very few of them able to teach any of it. OTOH Teaching is a trade in itself.

Were the books any good ?