Blender Fight Game Crowdfunding?

Hello everybody, I want monetize in a crowfounding my blender fight game. I want advice about how much money I should request and with platform to use (kickstarter?)

Right now files .py, classes, function… it have name in spanish so… I’m thinking asking 2500€ for entire code and game in repository how it is now with any license like GPL, Normally the games I have seen cost +8000$ and it isn’t open source necessarily so you can’t learning from him.

I’m thinking additional goals that I haven’t ready like
Maybe 100-300€ for translate all to English, comments, function’s name…
Another 100-300 for each additional request, sample: remapping control system, additional feature how move or turn the camera, turn characters in scenery or more complex actions like double jump, combo system…

Before continuing and you tell me how much I should request. You must see the video. Maybe you can use this like old MUGEN

This working on Blender 2.70 and I tested on windows 8 64 bits and linux 64 bits. I want have it all finished without any bug in september.
All this is done python completely, not logic bricks.


  • Translate system (functional only in main menu right now, not hard to do the rest but it require time)
  • Collission detection, on ground, step back and another character. On kick not for now, I have any problems because I can’t change collission mask and group in game (I can’t change blender version because or not freeze scene for menu pause or libfree is broken, or segmentation faults in another version, so 2.70 is best for now)
  • NPC (no player characters) with IA. The characters on video are NPC I don’t control any.
  • Control system implemented, but I have include it on choice menu. Maybe I will add a button to choose Computer or Player character. IA is a FSM (finite state machine)
  • Menu: language, main, options, choice, pause and ko implemented with bgui
  • Async load with libload, and spawn of characters
  • Life’s bar layout in game
  • Events system
  • Resolution changes, sound options still not working…

Minimum I want to include. I will update repository when I have it and this will be part of base goal

  • 1 character and 1 scenery more.
  • Credits for 3d resources, musics and libraries…
  • A image in load screen with keyboard controller
  • Improve IA and kick detection
  • Improve Menu Ko and Menu Pause design

This include too a documentation pdf with a guide how I do the game. (documentation make in latex)

(it is in spanish, but I could put additional goal in crowdfunding to translate it)


Do you believe I ask is ok, or I can ask more or I should ask less?

Well, shouldn’t this bee in Game Engine Support and Discussion?

Maybe, I’m not sure. Any moderator can move this thread if he think is better