Blender Figures and Clothing

I am fed up with daz, but I keep going back to it for how easy it makes putting clothing on a figure. Can someone explain to me how to do something similar to a figure in Blender? I’d really really really like to ditch daz studio, it makes the power glove look like a good idea.

Someone made and rigged all those clothes for the Daz figures, and they were made to fit from the start, so it’s not like someone just snapped their fingers and, boom, clothes. You’ll have to do the same in Blender; model or import a figure, model clothing that fits, rig everything, etc. It’s not a fast or easy process. It’s like Daz is a car and you buy all the parts for it and it goes together quite nicely. Blender is a garage with everything you need to build a car yourself.

Is there a reason why you’re fed up with Daz? What things are you trying to accomplish?

If I want to make anything for my characters I cannot understand their rigging system under any circumstances. For example, last night I was trying to follow their tutorials, adapting it to a proton pack I had made, just to add rigging to the cable so it would follow properly. I cannot figure out for the life of me how to make it work, even with their tutorials. Honestly, I’m no artist, I just want to make things for my unity games, but at this rate, I’m about to just stop all together. The rigging in Blender is simple and easy, but it doesn’t translate to daz at all, meanwhile Daz does everything in such a complicated way it makes it so I can’t do anything myself.

Don’t you have to rig it for Unity if you are using it in Unity?

need help in rigging… please reply :frowning: pm me if you want to see the rig that i made…