Blender File Crashes

A particular Blender file I was working on started crashing today after adding some textures to it. Here’s a screenshot of the crash log, can anyone help me with a solution? You can find attached the file in question. Thanks.
ALIOS PERFUME.blend (1.4 MB)

There must be something corrupt in your file.
I tried and it would not open (Blender froze).

I had a go at appending the objects and had troulble as well.

In the end I appended the textures then the meshes and it works (the scale and positions may be wrong but this file opens.

Apended.blend (185.7 KB)

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Thanks for this input. I’m wondering what do you think is corrupt in this file. I was thinking it was the textures but you said it’s appending quite well. I also just appended all the objects and it worked but my file is slow meaning it’s might be corrupt as you said. I also just appended the meshes but the scales are off. What do you suggest I do? Thanks again.

This may have nothing to do with it, but whenever strange things start to happen, one of the first things I do is run a RAM test.

Memory can start to fail, and as it does, little errors can start to creep in, resulting in the odd crash or corrupt files, etc.

You can do a test with just Windows or a tool like Memtest86:

I’ll try this. Thanks.

I have no idea, I thought it had something to do with the materials as well but appended they seem to work fine. Sometimes (not often) files do get corrupted, the reason can be difficult to pin down.

The “Milk” texture does use a few calculations with the light path node and takes a little time to compile for Eevee (this is normal) but it works.

Yes the scales do look off you probably did not have scale appleid to your objects in your file.

I would carry on with the appended file and redo the scale. There is something in your origional file that blender does not like.

The file I appended your objects to does not seem slow in my system (over 10 years old hardware, linux). The only thing I did not append was the “brand” logo texture (the image empty) as you did not pack the image.

I doubt that that image is the problem because your file did not load for me even without it.

Wow, seems like you’re a pro at this. Can you tell which specific objects I should append and in which specific way? I just need to get the file in the same condition as the image you dropped, it’d be pretty easy to fix the scaling myself. Thanks for your input!

Also I’m using Cycles to work on this scene, I suppose it’s the right render engine to process light bounces like the Milk Glass texture.

Not a pro :blush: Blender is a long standing hobby.

Here is the version I used for the screenshot:

Apended.blend (163.6 KB)

As for the order:
I could not append the cylinder objects so first I appended the materials and then the mesh’s. I could append the light planes as objects.

A tip: you can compress your blend files in the save dialog’s N panel (or cog icon top right) it makes the files much smaller for uploading to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks so much for this man. Can’t thank you enough.