Blender File Forge HACKED!!!! UPDATE!

Well isnt this one a doozy.

Well it seems that someone has hacked into my blender file forge and stolen all the admin information for my SMTP server. Then sent around 30,000 spam emails to people all over the internet… So… GOOGLE is REALLY pissed, cause they are the backup to my server, and they locked me out of that account.

I guess this is a testament to my server though, if you look on the bright side, my little home made server can handle 30,000 emails in less than a day WOOT!

So, needless to say, I am locking down the Blender File forge registration settings and the ONLY way you can have an account there anymore is if I add you manually.

So you must PM me here or EMAIL me at [email protected] with BLENDER in the subject line. Or else you don’t get an account.

Happy Blending

Everything seems to be ok… All our stuff is intact! They just wanted to make money off of my mail server!

You can register at the forum now, but I have to activate you!!! If I dont get to you right away Email me or PM me!!

Man, that sucks… there are so many scummy people around. I assume our existing accounts are ok?

Don’t you just want to strangle people sometimes? Well, best of luck in getting things back on track.

Some people …

Thanks for responding,
All the accounts are ok, they didnt seem to want anything to do with us or the stuff we had there. Just my “newly found out well put-together mail server” WOOT

I cant believe it did 30,000!!

I know… strangling would be the last thing, a good punch in the mouth first… then a kick in the pants…ect ect

Its all gravy!


Planetkiller Your Activated!!!

Dfelinto Your Activated!!!

Sorry guys… I have to take down the file forge for a while… I was hacked again…This time they took out my wifes computer…

they erased the MBR…

and they are steeling the bandwidth from the file forge for some mirror…

Everything is safe that you uploaded. but will be down for a while… ill have to reupload all my images to like file shack or something… you should do the same…

Kirado, sorry man…

Planetkiller sorry too!


I hope whatever jerk did that gets found.

Me too!


Bring the hacker to me. I want to whisper something upside his head. With a baseball bat.
I guess I’ll keep using 4shared for awhile.

Looking forward to see it up and running again :slight_smile:
(I was going to upload a file now :/)