Blender file mystery problem.

Hello all I am currently helping out a guy who is building a game using Blender, I recently started a piece for him using Blender and Sculptris to make him a version of a dragon, however I hit a snag involving the blend file and I hoped someone might know what it is I did to mess it up, here is the problems it has.

  1. Very slow in Blender even when its not a very complicated model
  2. Testing it in cycles it had some weird errors of the dragons legs missing when I tried to render it with meshsmooth attached
  3. It would make obj’s made from the model unreadable in Zbrush or Sculptris.

In the end I had to export a obj into 3dsmax and then weld all the points at 0.01. That removed a lot of geometry that was not showing up in Blender and would not remove themselves when i tried remove doubles. When i tried to slice the model in half and re-mirror it still had the same error coming up.
Now I have managed to fix the problem, but only by using another 3d program to fix it, I want to know what went wrong, and how it can be fix inside Blender. I hate to think Ill have to use other software in the future to fix this type of mistake again.

Also is there a weld near points option (ie select several points and only weld the nearest points together not the whole lot).

Unfortunately i cant upload the file here, its either because its messed up or due to file limit so I’m hosting it on my site here is the link.

Its 8.5mb
Just download and rename back to .blend

My guess as to why it’s slow is because you have physics enabled on the mesh itself. If it’s complex, then that could really hurt the FPS. Ensure that the dragon’s physics type is set to 0 (with the Blender Game renderer set at the top of the Blender window). Also, click the ‘Show Framerate and Profile’ box in the Game menu to see where the speed issues are.

thanks for the advice, but as far as i know its just a model, I might have accidentally added physics but otherwise it should just be a regular model. But thanks for the advice Ill look into it and see.