Blender file of a hypercube/tesseract (i think)

Here is a blender file I made last night that shows a tesseract, well a 3d interpretation of a tesseract.

I think I have linked all of the corners correctly, but anyway:

click on the link

You can rotate the cube that is highlighted, but not the other one.
The redraw rate may be slow because of the way it has been done, but if you press r then mmb, you can rotate it around nicely.

If there are any errors then please tell me and I will try again!!


A very interesting constrain masterpiece :slight_smile:

sadly you can rotate it only along 3 directions not four… but I’m afraid you need to do Python for a full solution :wink:


hey … from someone who’s only been fiddling in blender for afew days that’s really cool :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure what you can do with it… but cool! 8)

erm, I have been using Blender for 2 years!