Blender File Renderer

(djfuego) #1

For those of you that prefer you animations to render faster I have made a program to make the time consuming task of Typing a thing of the past. Just find blender then the file you want to render and it renders the animation. If you use windows 9X or ME you need to setup the path to blender because of Long directory names don’t work the same as Windows NT/2K (NTFS). I’m sure there are other programs that do the same but I can’t find them and NAN went bust just after I found out how much faster it is to render without the Blender GUI.

(stephen2002) #2

the method that I use (quick and simple) is to just write up a quick .bat file. For example:

c:CarAdRENDERBGrender.exe -b c:CarAdRENDERshowroomshowroomAB.blend -S showroomA -a
c:CarAdRENDERBGrender.exe -b c:CarAdRENDERshowroomshowroomAB.blend -S showroomB -a

Will render scene “showroomA” and “showroomB” from the file “showroomAB.blend”. Save the .bat file and double-click. It will start up Blender without the GUI and render away. If you have XP or 2K, you can set the priority to “low” and continue to work with the computer with no notacable slowdown if you have enough RAM.

(djfuego) #3

Yeah I know :slight_smile: but my program makes the Bat and saves the location of blender so all you need to do is select the blend file the 2nd time round and it does the typing for you. Whats the point of the ‘-S’? does that show the render window?
Does it slow down render time? I’ve only just started playing with the commands.

(kirpre) #4

That’s nice, I’ve always hated that I couldn’t do anything else on my computer when rendering in blender. In fact, I’m rendering right now. Thanks.

(kirpre) #5

Question: Is there anyway in your program to set the output type, or does it just look at what is set in the .blend file? Thanks.

(Timothy) #6

haha I already had a nice program like this for some time… it’s pretty cool

(Dinklebrow) #7

djfuego, couldn’t download the exe. I would like to try it and compare it to the one I wrote a while back.


(SKPjason) #8

Thanks for giving us this neat little proggie…

I appreciate it. Works great. Just what the doctor ordered. Have a good one.


(Dinklebrow) #9

Finally got it to download. I like the small area it takes on the desktop.

(Nimrad) #10

i wish it shows some progress bar.


(dreamsgate) #11

Just downloaded and trying it out. One question, where does new file go?

(djfuego) #12

WOW :smiley: !
Feedback! Oh joy… Good feedback!
All my program does is tell Blender to render the file. No progress bar… (You don’t really need to know because you can remember how many frames it was cant you?) You setup the params in the Blender file so my program doesn’t need to.
You can get Blender to plonk the animation file where-ever.
This program fits my needs and that’s all I want. I only added a few bells and whistles 'cause I’m like that. :slight_smile:
Thank-you I love you all!