Blender File Viewer Causing Crashes

Whenever I click anything that causes the file viewer window to close, all of blender crashes. Because of this there is no way to save a new file, and no way to export files using the file viewer. Does anyone know a fix for this? I tried upgrading from blender 2.91 to blender 2.91.2, but that didn’t fix it. Blender was working fine until yesterday when this started.

So now I’ve tried deleting all of the blender installs and preferences on my computer, restarted it, and then reinstall blender, and it is still crashing.

I’m having the same problem when trying to save a file. 10 seconds after getting the file viewer window, Blender just disappears. Problem started late tonight (Feb 11). Like you , I did a fresh install, checked preferences, etcetera, nothing changed. It still crashes.

Edit: I got the problem fixed; sort of. Apparently blender’s file viewer falls over dead when there are too many files in the folder you’re trying to save to, or interact with using the file viewer. So what I would recommend trying is, in Windblows or Linux or whatever, move the file to another less populated folder, and then try. It solved the problem for me at least. Best of luck. =)

Thanks. I think in my case it was actually something different. I saw something through my many searches the mentioned in some cases an external adapter, like one to go from USB-c to HDMI, could be causing the problem. Now, I don’t have any plugged into my computer, but I do have Duet Display installed for using my iPad as a monitor. I went to the Duet Display settings and saw a notice about windows firewall blocking Duet from running correctly (Apparently windows had decided to block it now, even though I have been using it for a long time). I modified the firewall to allow duet to run, and somehow that fixed Blender’s crashing issue. IDK how those two are related but of all the things I tried, that was the only thing that fixed Blender crashing

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I am having this issue too. all of a sudden, with no explanation. Tried all of this tips with no luck.