Blender file with mesh, materials and textures

I have a blender file. In this blender file, there is a 3d car with materials and textures. How can I now get only the 3d mesh of the car and save it to a new created blender file?

I only want the 3d car mesh. Not the materials and textures.

I want to export it later as a *.fbx file. So the file size must be very low.

Delete all the crap you don’t want and save your .blend file
Delete all the crap you don’t want as part of your model and export the car object as a .blend file (or just turn off keep materials and textures in export options) or export to some other file format (.obj etc)

Your post saved my day. Thank you.

My problem was, that I not unchecked some stuff while exporting.

Blender file content is segregated in separate folders. So, you can simply create new blender file and “append” the mesh to your new file. Nothing comes over but mesh that way. Then export it from there.

Awesome. The new solution is much easier. Thanks. :slight_smile: