Blender File without Objects

Hi all, i work with Blender since Months on a model of my housebuilding project.
Yesterday evening i had saved it as every day. Now the same saved file had only the Basic Object in it and nothing else. I cant restore the file, but i see that there is something in it, cause the file is about 95MB size.

I have a security copy a 3-4 days ago… but now there are days of work missed.

There is the File in the Following link:

Can anyone help me?

I can now Work with the security copy, but i’m afraid of that this can happen now more often.

can not open 2.9.3 3.0

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

i can download and open it but theres only the basic object in it.
There Are both files that Blender created in it.

I work with Blender 3.0, the file was startet at Blender 2.9

what can be the reason?

do you use addons and if so which ones,
Windows-update? ( but only if all nothing helped restore to an earlier point) Virus program!

check/try also the latest Alpha 3.1

I use no addons, im a Blender-Newbie :wink:

Windows is up to date, Virus Program likewise up to date.

I try to get the new Version of Blender. Maybe that works.

good luck

Yeah, i’d found a autosave file in the temp folder 1 Day ago.

The last autosave file (1 Minute before i saved it) is unfortunately also damaged.

Now its not so much work to fix it.

Thanks a lot!

Hi housebuilder,

Did you try the File > “Append” option from a new blank blend file as walt1 mentioned? Allot of times this will work.


Good luck!

Dont know if this will help: try to find the newest .blend1 file. It should have everything except latest changes.

Reneme it to whatever.blend and try to open it.

I had now the latest version found and its worked so i have only 2-3 hours of work to get the missed obejcts back.

Thanks for your replys.

hi everybody,

i have now the same problem with the same file… i think i do something wrong.

luckely i had a autosave file that is 1 minute earlier.

now i wanna know if i can do anything better and if anyone know whats wrong with my file:

the second problem yesterday i had is that if i copy and paste objects with materials other objects change there color randomly. i cant fix this changed objects and have to make it completely new.

i think i do anything wrong and would be thankful of any help.

iam a german user who trys to draw the hole housebuilding project before i realice it. now the file is above 150MB … if i’d finished it i think it would be over 500-800MB… do you think blender can handle that?

did anyone have an idea so i can do it easier and more stable than now?

if there is any german user it would be much easier to explain and fix.

thanks a lot!