Blender files got corrupted

Hi everyone. Please I accidentally formatted my HDD and after using recovery tool I got all my work back. But problem is when I open the blend files of any of project it start from default cube after all the blend file size is also fine like I have a project of about 140 mb so it is showing me correctly but when I open it up it doesn’t work correctly. Please anyone help me out.

Try this: open blender filemenu > append choose your file and select the scene you want to recover

Yes I tried doing it but it gives me error message of nothing indicated
‘E:\Blender\Other lost files\Blender & cool stuff\Keanu 3D model\silverhand.blend’: nothing indicated

I changed the version of blender and try to ope it on the version I was using before, It is showing me this error. I also tried to append it but same error pops out as I mentioned above. Please anyone help me out. I also checked out hex data so there are hex values in it like it is not zero all alone. for some reason blender can’t display it.

check your tmp file
might be there !

sis this happening for all your blend files ?
or other files ?

happy bl