Blender files in web browser

please test and give some feedback. We are developing 3DMLW and we also made support for .blend files.

There are 2 possibilities:

  1. Using .py script for export (see 3DMLW forum)


  1. Using .blend files directly in 3DMLW (experimental). See the example:
    Right now only 32 bit files are supported.

As 3DMLW also has scripting, then maybe in future there will be possibility to use game engine features in 3DMLW.

This looks really cool. Do you have any direct links?

Edit: I found a link.

I just tried it and it works really well (running raw blend files). This is really nice work. Have you even considered making a version of 3DMLW work on the wii or other console systems?

Thanks for your reply!

Just now we are working with Linux and OS X. It all ready shows a basic window under Linux. But of course Blender file reading also needs improvement.

Too bad I couldn’t test it at work yet (firefox froze completely while trying to check out the apartement example).

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the webplugin for Blender has recently been picked up again by two developers who are working on bringing it back to life. You might be interested in checking it out. See the relevant threads from this month at our mailinglist:

I’ll give the plugin a shot at home too