Blender Files?

If I make a model on my laptop, is there a way to transfer that model onto my desktop? Also if you make a animation movie would you be able to save it to a disk and watch it on a tv.? Lastly is blender powerful enough to create a animated short like the ones in the beggining of pixar movies?

help me please

First, you could do many things to transfer files. E-mail it to yourself from the laptop, then just download it onto your pc, use a flash drive, a CD, or even a floppy if the file is small enough.

Yes you can. You would need to make sure the settings are right (ie the aspect ratio on a monitor and TV are different). You could make an MPEG2 and put it on a DVD. There is lots about that if you search around.

Well… it’s not so much the software, but the person using it. There are things that the big names have that Blender doesnt, but that isn’t the big obstacle. Remember that places like Pixar and ILM have about 100 people working on it for 3 years. So it would take a single person about 300 years to do a big movie of that quality and length.


I’m not talking about a big movie but thanks

Well if you just have a look around here you’ll find a couple of high-quality animations made in blender. So yeh ^^