Blender film production

Hi all!

I’ve been thinking on something lately I’d like to share with you.

I would like to start making short films with Blender and hand them to festivals. I’m a filmmaker; I’ve written and directed several (flesh’n bone) short films, but I think I’ve reached a point in which I want to move on to other types of expression. 3D is what I want, and I love Blender.

Short conventional films are OK, but it’s quite frustrating how (lack of) money stops filmmakers from developing their talents.

So, my idea: I’d like to set up a team of Blender artists in a project that involved 3D film production.

Distance shouldn’t be a problem: we can be spread all over the world. Just a little bit of coordination will be necessary.

Animators, modellers, texture creators, plugin programmers, etc. we could join and make a good coordinated team. The main aim: to learn from one another and have fun (that should be a golden rule).

The idea is to produce non-lucrative work, under Creative Commons licenses, and to make more and more challenging works over time.

What do you guys think about this? Would you join?


Frankly, I think this forum gets this sort of request way too often and many of them turns out to be a flop. But your site seems professional enough that I believe this time it might work out.

I am sure there are some talented artists outthere who is willing to work for free on a community-made film. But maybe you should hammer out a story board so that we’ll know what kind of artist is required. (ie sci-fi action? or cartoonish comedy?)

Best of luck to you!

I’m aware this is not easy. I reckon this is difficult to set up a good team, and to coordinate the project accordingly, as there are many complexities in this kind of projects. I’ve tried to build other projects in other fields in the audiovisual world, and it’s difficult to find commitment.

Honestly, I’m not completely optimistic about this project (neither completely pessimistic), but I think it pays off to try. There’s nothing to loose, and quite a lot of satisfaction to win if the project goes ahead. I would be more than happy to settle a nice working group of artists. I’m not after money, but after art, and at the end of the day, after fun. This is a project in which I’m willing to give all I can, and I’d love to see artists getting really involved in it.

Regarding contents, I was thinking more on cartoonish animations.

I can myself do the writing and directing. I would do the storyboard and hand it to you guys. I can coordinate the full project.

Blender-wise I can take charge of lights and cameras. My experience as filmmaker has helped a lot in lighting and rendering 3D scenes.

I have experience in video editing, so I could do it as well, if no one else claims the job.

As for sound, music and sound effects I think they should be searched in Creative Commons free licenses and credited accordingly.

Another question is dubbing. We’ll have to figure out how to deal with this, but it shouldn’t be big deal.

I’m not experienced at all in character animation, and have very little experience in character modelling. So basicly I would relay modeling, texturing and animation (except for the cameras and lights) on to other artists.

For the first project I was thinking of a 10-20 sec. sketch. If it works out successfully, we could go for a series of similar short sketches. And if this works out, time to move on will come…

So I’ll start working on a short story. As soon as I have it I’ll send the storyboard to whoever has posted his/her interest in the project. So, whoever wants a copy, please post in this thread.


(all kinds of input are accepted)

You will not have too much success finding anyone to collaborate with unless you have some work to show and you definately want to plot out the script or storyboard first. I know from experience in attempting to assemble a production team for the ambitious film I’m currently directing, and it’s not easy. The only way you can really get a lot of people involved without great difficultyin convincing them is if the majority of the work is already done.

Your idea itself is great -a community effort to produce a nice finished product -it’s just getting over that hurtle of actually getting the community together to do it.

You need to inspire people. Most projects flop because the people want to make the show, but don’t have enough motivation.

I’m actually working on the concept. As soon as it’s completely defined I’ll go for a little simple storyboard, it shouldn’t take much (concept might take longer).

The production will be focused in simplicity and effectiveness so that it can be made quickly. I think new projects are more powerful in case results are close. No time to loose interest.

Stay tuned, I’m working on it.

sound like a good idea im not good enough at blender to help you there but i am a character actor and can do some of the voices for you if you like

If I can give my 2 cents… work on the story.
Madagascar trailer was showed far before the exit, the graphics was
really poor cause it was a concept (edgy and without all those hairs),
but you already could guess it was much more fun than a lot of other
cg films.And it was a success indeed.

… I like to move it, move it.

As already mentioned, post your story/idea of the short film here and you will likely find some people interessted in - me too.
To start with a small project is also a good idea - the finished film will encourage the team to go ahead with the next production.

I’m really glad to see all your posts.

maskedsow, your help indeed is appreciated. Hopefully we’ll need you soon.

I’m working on a (hopefully) funny idea. I think the concept is there, and the first gag is pretty much in my mind. So I’ll go for the characters definition. I have to draw them and this first gag. I’m not that good at drawing, so a little patience, and soon I’ll post these and will give you more details about the idea so that we can start right away.

I’m very interested to do a serious project in the future myself. I’m not that proficient in the animation department (although I have researched it thoroughly), I like to model from time to time. I think this kind of project could be very interesting for people who want to learn from each other. Especially, I think that A lot can be learned from a film maker like yourself. Yeah… I’m interested.

Well, I’ve been working a little…

I’ve come up with a concept and a little idea. I think we need our own meeting point from now on, so I’ve opened a forum in my web space so that we can start working.

I’ve already posted a small storyboard and some drafts of what should be modeled.

So if you are interested in joining the project, please visit:

Details are posted there.

Thanks all. See you soon!


Here I tried to make a whole webpage devoted to stuff like this and no one wants to use it…

Oh well…

Too true. Volunteers need to see an original/well developed concept, sufficiently fleshed out to know what they’d be going into. If you can’t present a whole screenplay or storyboard, at least document your high concept clearly for it to show the possibilities. This way, would-be volunteers would judge the effort worthwhile.

Yep, I guess you’re right. I wasn’t explaining my ultimate aim with all this. I didn’t want you to say I’m a dreamer. Anyway, perhaps I am. And perhaps in this kind of projects everyone involved should be.

Well, take a look, all you dreamers, at and let’s see…

I’m not sure I entirely understand the storyboard. I guess the small guy has gone right around the world and smacks into the back of the big guy? If I’ve got it wrong then it may need some clarification. If I’m right then I guess sound effects and careful editing will make it clear in the finished animation.

You seem to be prepared to fail and I think that’s healthy but your first idea is clean and simple and won’t require several months of effort so you should stand a chance of getting it done.

Be prepared to always be available to anyone who volunteers. One of the frustrations of collaborations such as this is asking a question and having it go unanswered for days - or longer.

Good luck.

The first guy sits down and tries to swing but the swing doesn’t move. The fat guy comes to push him but the swing doesn’t move, even though he gives it all he’s got.

I have a suggestion. Use Mancandy and ludwig. That way we can get right to the animation. It will take awhile for someone to model and fully rig those characters. IN other words, do an animatic with the already rigged guys, then then when we get the models done we can do the animation again and refine it.

AndyD: yep, he actually goes around the world. Regarding sound edition, I’m extremely concerned about sound. I reckon sound is not less than 50% of the impact the audience receives. The other aspect to take care of is proper timing.

Regarding technical aspects, let’s discuss it together: I’m not doing the modeling/animation, so I’ll respect the way you modelers and animators want to do it. Actually right now I’m not much worried about deadlines, but about quality. Quick work will come over time. I think the way I’ve designed it, will make results come quick.

I’d like to have an accurate idea of who’s willing to do what. I’ve posted instructions about this point in the forum site I’ve created. It would be nice to move this discussion onto that site, unless for some reason you prefer to remain in this thread.

And, don’t worry about me not being available. I will certainly be there: I’m really interested in this project being a full success.

so what is it you are trying to say with this movie?
it feels like just one gag.


Of course it is. I’ve explained already. Briefly: first film will consist of several gags. Why? “sub-results” come earlier and I think this is a good way to start. A bad start would be The Lord of the Rings 3D extended version. :wink: