Blender Film: The Story of Ven (Discontinued)

This is the Doc’s home. There is a doctor in the village in case any guinea pigs get sick or injured, (the breeder can’t handle everything). It’s very much a generic home but my characters will be visiting this home often so it’s important.

There are a lot of homes I built for the film. The village is supposed to house about 30-40 guinea pigs!! Here’s some of the renders of the generic houses located around the village. They look sorta the same to keep the consistency.

Alright!! Up next is the breeder’s home itself and the local area, then after that, the village is complete which a MAJOR goal in the film. Thanks and as always feedback welcome as well as questions and comments!

Random pic… jus cuz


Was on a hiatus for the film due to me moving and working on writing another book as well as working on my piano album. But now I’m back again to finish the village and start working on the first actual sneek peek of the film. On the 1st of October, I’m ordering a 1080ti so that will help with rendering times and solve A LOT of memory problems I currently have with my gtx 780.

Thanks again for any support! Never quitting on this project!

makes a good background


Back again with the project. Soon after the last post, a lot of life stuff happened.

A few weeks ago I had finished the full novelization of The Story of Ven. It’s 24 Chapters and 45000 words. You can read it if you want. (It’s on Been working on the book since Thanksgiving of 2017. So happy to be finished with it.

Now that the book has been finished, I can finally get back on blender.

I looked over the houses I made for the characters and noticed they needed an update. My recent models haven’t been up to par with the “model house” look. So hopefully I achieved that here

I’m really surprised how far I came in just the past year and a half (life included). Look at the difference between the three attempts of this same house.



Now I have to redo the whole village… Here we go…


wow… that’s a lot of work… u’re doing… u have a large checklist… i’m actually on a Film project too… after i saw my first checklist, id thought i would never finish that… but in the end and after around 300 models later… i’m nearly done with everything… also background animations etc… would be great, if you update your todo list… every time … when u did something… :wink: it’s nice to see hows progress do!


Update June 6, 2018

Finished Alexei’s house once again, texturing this one was a problem, but I think its good now

Looking at it from afar really doesn’t do it justice

This one was in 4K

And of course, a comparison to my previous models

Up next, Tibbett’s home. Again!


Update June 7, 2018

Re-finished Tibbetts’ house with the same material as Ven’s home

Now I can take a break for the weekend, and play some fallout!


Update June 19, 2018

Finally finished the re-doing of generic homes. Now I can finally move onto new things, rather than re-doing old stuff again.

The last house at the bottom is the doc’s home.

Next up, the breeders home! This one is probably going to be my most detailed house, being that it’s an actual human sized home.


Update June 28, 2018

This is the breeders home WIP. It’s based off an actual home in Altadena, California. Currently I only have the exterior complete (mostly…)

I chose to separate the interior and exterior into different scenes because of the memory skyrocketing when I try to model everything into one.

Side note: The house probably looks too dirty, but I think it’s because of the contrast with the clean floor. It will look much more presentable in its actual scene.

I want to add a dish antenna to the top of the home, as well as various decorations to it. But that’ll have to wait until the next phase of modeling. Next up is the interior of this home as well as some appliances!


Not really an update…

Here is a preview of what the film could look like!
Rendered in Cycles, 4K, 256 samples, 40min render time on a 1080ti

Cycles and De-noise FTW


Update July 10, 2018

Breeder House Interior WIP

This is the interior that the guinea pig breeder lives in. Right now, the kitchen and living room are finished. My aim towards this wasn’t aesthetics, or to make a well composited shot with guidelines and all that. This is just a normal home. After all, the characters are only going to be in this area for a scene or two, and will be focused on them rather than the environment. I really just needed to have it modeled and in place for later on. Besides the fact, here it is!

All shots are raw, no post-processing. Cycles, 512 samples, 1080p


This is one fantastically ambitious project! A one-man animated feature film - a fan film no less, meaning that you’re unlikely to be able to get any money for it - unless you can change it to NOT being a fan film - how much have you taken from the original film?

Anyhow - I don’t want to discourage you - this is all fantastic!

What do these scenes look like from a Guinea Pig’s POV? You will want the camera to be level with the character’s eyes for most of the shots.

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Thanks for the kind words!

You’re correct, I can’t make any money off of the film, and too much was taken from the original to change it now. But luckily, money is the last thing that motivates me. It’s the idea of the film I want people to love.

You see… One of the main ideas with this film is quite simple, what if animals were used for government spying, or military? Disney took this idea and made the PG version of it, thus G-Force. I’m trying to make the realistic version of it, with all the nit and grit, blood and violence. It’s a concept rarely seen in a 3D film, especially with animals.

I’m using this film to re-introduce the concept of realism and conflict between animal characters, instead of humans. Imagine watching films like John Wick, or Jason Bourne, but all of the characters were animals instead. It’ll be like watching the rated R version of Zootopia, right? That’s the end goal, an animation studio that makes serious films, but with animal characters.

Anyway I talk too much!:sweat_smile: Hopefully that answers some questions. I’m about to finish the bathroom, and bedroom scene, and I’ll post some shots from the Guinea Pig POV.


Update July 17, 2018

Finally finished the breeder’s home! Exterior and interior. Here are some shots!

Again all shots are on Cycles, 1080p, 512 samples

Up next is the surrounding neighborhood homes to the breeders house. Luckily, I don’t need to model the interiors of these homes, so it should go by pretty quick.


Looking very nice. My only comment would be the wood grain on the door and door frames pops out right away as a CGI give away. Everything else is very tastily done.

To correct the wood, I would chose a different grade of would stock, as those parts of a house are not made with that kind of wood, or simply the texture is too large. Looks kinda like oak, but the grain is too large I think.


Thanks for the feedback!

So would you say the bump mapping for the door is too much? Would simply turning it down make it look better, or should I just change the whole texture?

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I think it is both. Normal is a little heavy. But mainly the grain is too large for that type of wood stock (old woodworking hobby and some experience with carpentry speaking).

If you look at this oak for example:

the large striations are a result of what is referred to as 1/4 cut - used in old furniture mostly. And rarely seen today.

But, the grain itself is much finer.

By contrast to your grain here:

Notice the large visible age rings. Even it it was oak veneer (which is peeled off and not cut) the grain would be much finer.

Usually oak is used to make larger pieces with smaller planks glued together as in the reference I provided.

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Looks like wood grain texture should be inversely effecting roughness.

Update July 25, 2018

Really small update. Made the neighboring houses to the breeders home. Two very low poly houses mainly driven by textures. The houses themselves will only appear in the film for a couple seconds, as it’s part of a transition scene.

Next up, I think the biggest project yet, the actual neighborhood scene. This scene will include all homes, including the guinea pig ones, as well as the valley, trees, yards, all the fun stuff. It might take awhile, but I already can’t wait!


Update August 15, 2018

Neighborhood complete! Mostly… Here is the complete house with all the stuff around it, as well as the valley in the back, and trees (not fun)… The neighboring houses are there, just off of the camera.

I’ve spent over two weeks on this scene, and it’s only going be in the film for like, 4 seconds…

The guinea pig village is in the backyard of this house, and is currently under the works. Will get that done next week, then FINALLY I can start on characters again.

Anyway, pics

Will post an update on the village itself in the coming days.


Random picture, I needed more poses of Alexei…

Can’t wait to re-do characters because the rig and fur needs a serious update! Especially with the new fur shader in Blender 2.8… CAN’T WAIT!!