Blender。Film Your Imagination

In this image,I want to Show that blender is a tools for any user who want to make their own films
as blender a tools a render。In this image,it show a sci-fi feeling . A chipperborad can show a film feeling

How can I improve this image/render?
Anyway I render ,compositing and modelling in blender 2.71 with cycles

Sorry for extremely poor english

working area

compositing node


The particles look very good. It’s very dynamic. However the composition should be improved. There is too much. The eyes loose the focus. You have the big logo, the clapperboard and the text “blender film your imagination”.

I suggest to look for real advertising poster on Internet, about cars, objects, software to help you. Everything in the picture should help the viewer to focus his attention to something (it’s up to you to decide what is the subject).

Also there is way too much lens flare. Don’t make the same mistake than J.J. Abrams ^^. Lens flare should be present only when there is a bright light source like a projector.

Don’t give up :).

It looks really cool to me. It does look a little like too much is happening. But everything still looks good. The clapperboard looks great, but it just makes the image look a little crowded.