Blender Films

How many people want to have an animation showcase on this forum?

-example ->animation master’s gallery(I know it’s commercial, but I like the animation showcase idea a lot)

-who’s with me (or against me, but with interest of the idea)?

I think that would be a great idea…and maybe have a link to it on the blender home page?
I think it would good for new users(to see what you can do with blender) and commercial agencies(to see what you can do with blender). Or even just for publicity for Blender Animators.
Two Thumbs up!

Yes, a great a idea!
Finally still renders and animations both have a separate gallery. That would be very great for

  1. Forum users: stills and animations are very different in approach, execution and presentation so they deserve to be seen as separate.
  2. Commercial agencies, like free_ality said
  3. New users, dito free_ality
  4. Blender in general, copy from free_ality again

I hope admins will at least consider this.

Cheers everyone :wink:

Looks like it’s off to a good start. -spread the word get the mods into this (if you can) or simply; vote :slight_smile:

I will do my best…