Blender Fire Test

Looking over at Houdini’s website and on their gallery page, I was awed and envied at how amazing the results were with their fire and fluid simulator and if I can remember it right, I was simply staring blankly on the screen as my movie player played over some of the videos I have downloaded. “WTF” was constantly reverberating through my head as if a seatmate was actually shouting over right at my ear. But the Blender lover and fan that I am, I couldn’t bear the fact that other apps are standing blatantly boasting their wicked stuff while I watch barenaked imagining at daylight.

And so right after I gained my artistic consciousness, I went over at my station and started doing my stuff. RMB here, RMB there, press here, press there.

Here it is. Hope you like it. :slight_smile:


Setup, modeled, and composited with: Blender


That’s very good looking fire! How did you achieve that effect? Did you use particles or some kind of fluid simulation? I really like how the flames “licks” the air…

It would be really nice it you could upload & blendfile.
I could really use this as an example scene in for a Blender release.
There’s also the interest factor I how you did this…

My setup was: 1) the sphere mesh which is appearing black in the image (it’s just there for viewing, 2) a duplicate of the mesh but with particle settings and a halo material for the flame, 3) a duplicate of #2 with particle settings and a halo mat for the sparks, and finally 4) an empty set as a Magnetic Field with a Cone Fall-off. Up until this point, the render result didn’t look that convinincing of a fire until I went over to composite it on the Nodes.

I’ll attach a screenshot here. Thanks, pal.