Blender Fireworks!

Better late than never? Here are some fireworks I created with the particle system. Thanks goes to the author of this tutorial

for getting me started. :yes:

You can find the animation here:




Excellent! My very first particle project was from that same tutorial! I integrated an animated lake (waves) in the foreground complete with an environment map to reflect the fireworks on the water surface…however, your particle systems blow the doors off of mine. The gravity effect on the sparks add real immersion. Kudos!

Nice work! I’ve taken a shot at fireworks in the past and got good results, but I was never able to accomplish the willow/palm tree effect where the particles emit particles… mind sharing???

Also, what makes the fireworks look really good is to create a separate emitter for each firework burst and have it throw out like 50 non-raytracing lamps of the same color using the same physics, with really low energy. It allows the landscape to be realistically lit up by the fireworks!

Excellent…awesome…you are the man when fireworks are needed in computer animation!:eyebrowlift2:

Nice job man. I was inspired to try that tutorial too. I would like to make some missle pods launching rockets like that. Is there a way to trigger them to explode when hitting another plane/object?