Blender + Flash = WBS

I have finished re-designning my web site using Blender outputs.
Most pages are made by Flash to combine the output with web navigation and to control their moving.
I made the Flash file(.swf) size in lower than 300KBytes.
But I don’t know most blender users all over the world can see it without any stress.
Anyway, I introduce my redesigned web site.

Followings are some of screen shots.

Thank you, :smiley:

:o wow really nice.
this is so cool.
I love the animations, they go really well with the website.
the transition are cool too

Is it just me or could the FPS be upped a bit? Maybe you could make two versions of it, one high FPS and one low?

Loved the two robots in the background btw xD

fantastic! love it =D

Thank you , alll.
It was good encouraging comments for my motivation.

I didn’t make two FPS types. I think that it is caused by power of your PC, CPU power or Video card power. Flash file which moves bigger images or which has many moving parts needs higher PC power. In the case of my site, the 3DCG page needs more power than others. :-?


very very cool,

i think a lot of people would benifit from using a 3d software with flash,
all the flat 2d animation out their sucks,
3d looks great, and a lot of it can be created without a lot of effort,
wish more people using flash knew about blender

aslo a small suggestion, the loader at the bottom of the page on a 800x600 screen does not show up unless you scroll down, i think it would be good to have it up in the top so it dosnt look like everything has frozen up, i thought somthing was wrong on the first few tries.

Hi, seven,

After reading your suggestion, I checked an access log of my site. There were 30 page views using 800x600 display!! This number is short, but surprise for me. They still use samll display. So, I have changed the location of the loader to upper location of the screen according to your suggestion. It has become better!
Thank you very much for your suggestion :smiley:

hey sounds great, and looks much better too,
glad to help.

i really like the first drop down animation,
very awsome stuff!

Very nice website i love it ay :smiley:

Hi, PandaChamp

I have visited your web site. And I saw the Matrix image you created.
Do you know real Matrix movie was using Japanese character, KATAKANA, as green moving character flown down? (They switched the KATAKANA right side left.) If you want to change it, I recommend you to get Japanese font, Shift-JIS).


Well, my computer had sort of a breakdown this weekend. Might’ve been I checked your website out close to that one, and thus got terrible results from it. But hey! Works fine now. Excellent job!

Absolutely amazing. Splendid. Keep it up.

looks really excellent,

could you explain your workflow of the blender -> flash (shockwave) ?

I wasn’t aware that a good exporter was available.



Interesting. Did you just import individual frames into the flash movie, or is there something I’m missing? Looks pretty good.

It rocks!
congratulations, a great site!
Very accurate and creative!
only thing I dislike is the heavy color-ramped background: I would have prefered a lighter or darker one, with less contrast.

Thank you, all.
I’m glad of you like it.

LetterRip, munkey_mike,

I explain a little.
At first, I made each shots of the image by blender, not movie. Converting a movie to flash video file is good compression, but in the case of my site, I decided to use images which contains only moving area, such as the robot.
Then, I put each shot of image into each frame of flash movie. This is basic way of animation to show moving. In this way, you can control animation (rate, compression…) more than importing movie. But maybe I will use more Flash Video in my next web design.

Impressive, really. And I myself work with computers all day long…but the creative side is outside office; at home, in my studio…a teaser for my fully open source and open tools CG short will be available on my web in a few days time…stay tunned!!!

I suppose there are many people out there in the same situation…they have to make a living…

Beautiful page, I insist.

(Madrid, Spain)

Hi, Juan

Thank you for your comment. Yes, I think so,too.
And I impressed that your name filled all the index of table in the Finished page!
I stay tunned to you.

This is information.

My site which I introduced on this thread has got a highest award of Saitama Information Service Industry Association Homepage Contest 2005 [!]
This contest is not major here, but has a 10 years history.
I can’t tell you the association’s web site, because they don’t have any English page.
But I think that this is first time in Japan that web site using Blender outputs won a award :smiley:

Thank you,

congratulations, your site rocks!

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