blender flickering in virtualbox

i am having a problem with blender on a ubuntu vm on virtualbox running on a macbook pro
at first it was not displaying anything in the 3d view but the gizmo and the origins of a couple of objects
so i turn on 3d acceleration and got the view back but the window flickers when i move it and sometimes bits of the window are just weirded out

blender 2.62 on
ubuntu 12.02 r2 on
virtualbox 4.1.12 with guest additions on
mac osx 10.7.3 ;o)

i really appreciate any help given


I have found the virtualization rarely supports 3D acceleration.
Back to dual booting!

it works fine on the mac though just not in the vm

well i notice it works fine in mint 12 in a vm
whats the difference?

Blender is available for OSX, Windows and Linux and you can build it at any time.
Why do you want to make your life complicated by running it in a VM? In the end Blender will never perform as nicely in a VM as it does natively.

+1 - indeed!