BLENDER flower Animation artist needed

Hello, I have a project I need animation of flowers (3-5 different styles, and 3-4 different colors of each one) going from nothing (black Screen) to fully bloomed in 3.5 min total time, the area can be duplicate of the patch that is created but screen needs to resemble a wall of flowers (80 to 120?) total. Yes I know I can only pick 2 so, I need it high quality (med res proofs are fine) and quick.

Here is a real flower wall, the screen 1920x1080 should look like this wall (color variation is welcomed more wild flower looking)

:slight_smile: Theproduction Triangle for the ones that may not understood the reference.
One can only choose 2 of these :stuck_out_tongue:


Just sent a PM.

Cheers :slight_smile: